What is Toadnet?

If ya don't know what Toadnet is, It's a Hoppin' fun BBS Network similar to Fidonet. Offering friendly chat, good times and plenty of pizza under the Mushroom! Please consider joining in on this FLAME FREE Network!

Toadnet offers Sysop's and Users;

  • Access to the newest Shareware files via our Toadnet File Bone.
  • Access to International Message Areas including Computing support, Chat echo's and more!
  • Easy mail transfers via our FTP site.
  • InterBBS games such as BRE
  • We now feature Internet routing of game packets!
  • Internet E-mail accounts for a small fee.
  • Too much more to list!
Join Toadnet!

If you are a sysop, you can Join Toadnet online! It's easy, It's painless, and it's FREE! Toadnet membership cost's nothing, it is operated by donations from our Sponsor's and a lot of hard work from our Executive Toad's! Stop by and download our Toadlist and other files from our Files Page.

Toadnet News

toadnet monster truck We're back!
Yes, I know, it's about time that the Toadnet web site is updated! We are again working on updating our presence on the web, The site will continue to undergo revisions as the week goes on. It's GREAT to be back!!
Please let me know what you think about the new website, I would love to hear what you have to say about it. Email me at

We Need your help!
Toadnet needs you help in rebuilding our website! If you would like to see your website link listed on the Toadnet site, please e-mail me at the above address. I am also looking for ideas on how to improve the site!

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