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In 1991 a group of St Louis area Sysops, that were tired of Net-Politics from the original Hobbyist Mail-Net, decided to start their own NET, that could be shaped St Louis Style to Create and Maintain a FRIENDLY Mail Network, that would be beneficial to both USERS and SYSOPS with the Good Old Common Horse-Sense methods of the Mid-West!
This network was designed to follow the principles that were created in the original concept of Fido, but got lost in Policy 4 Doctrine, and Local NET Politics throughout the country. At the onset, ToadNET's Creators, designed the Net to be "FRIENDLY" and with "NO FLAMING" allowed in any Echo.
The original creators of ToadNET, which was created under a Dark GREEN MushRoom in St Louis by Chelsa Carlstadt, while working for PC JOURNAL and had established the Basic Rule, HAVE FUN First, Remember This is a Hobby, Don't take the Echoes too Seriously! The original Zone 86 was created as a US National Mail Network. The First REGION that was created was 8012 (Greater St Louis) and at that time Allen Sandifer, Fred Mueller, and Walt Stumper joined the organization and helped Chelsa get ToadNET up and running.
From 1991 until 1994, the St Louis based ToadNET continued to grow and prosper throughout the United States as Chelsa Carlstadt remained at the head of the organization, with Walt and Fred helping to keep the Net growing, and Lawrence Gordon was appointed as the Executive Toad for Echo Lists.
During the latter part of 1994, Chelsa ran into health problems which forced him to step-down as the Head Toad, and appoint Steve Meier to that position. While Steve, tried to keep the Net together, he had just recently gotten married and picked up some obligations which prevented him from dedicating the same kind of time to the net, that Chelsa had done in the past, which of course resulted in a reduction of Message Traffic without the Testy Chels prodding USERS and SYSOPS to interact!
In September 1995, due to his other commitments, Steve passed the HEAD TOAD's Hat, to Chris Pollock of 86:8406/1. Chris immediately sought out help through out the Net, to try and restore the Net to it's former glory! The Net is now an International Network, that is sending traffic throughout the world.
ToadNET is jumping into the forefront of communications with daily mail packets on the InterNet. ToadNET Gates Author-supported Files and Messages as well it's own unique Friendly Echoes, and Little to NO Moderation is Required!
The Friendliest Net Around! Remember, ToadNet is a hobby and is for your enjoyment. Relax, and have fun. Leave the seriousness at the office or with your spouse

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